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Custom View-Master Reel Requirements


14 Slots = 7 different images per reel
The View-Master reel will hold 7 images per reel. Although there are 14 slots do not assume this means 14 images. When the View-Master is used for 3D viewing, 3D viewing requires 2 images per view. This is also known as a “stereo pair”. This is because a slightly different image is viewed by each eye when viewing 3D. This still results in a maximum of 7 different images per reel.

2D Usage
When using the View-Master for a two dimensional, or flat image presentation we will use the same image for both the left and right eye. In this case you need to only supply us with 7ea. 35mm slides or digital files for production. The viewed image will not appear to be three-dimensional unless you are also requesting additional NVT services for text or special effects.

3D Usage
For 3D viewing, we will require a “stereo pair” of images for each view. In this case you need to supply us with 14ea. ( 2 for each view ) 35mm slides or digital files for production. For all three-dimensional projects we individually measure the parallax of each image, and adjust for the stereo window accordingly. You can learn more about this by reading “3D Photography”.

Positioning & Cropping
Cropping The Image

A mounted View-Master transparency measures 11.5mm wide and 10.5mm high resulting in a basically square format. The above images show how a typical 35mm image would be cropped for vertical and horizontal formatted images. Please be sure to indicate cropping instructions on the slide mount or a tissue overlay.

In addition to the quantity of image loss due to cropping be sure to allow for some additional loss due to bleed requirements of left/right for a vertical format, and top/bottom for a horizontal format.

Using The Entire Image

If required, the entire image can fit into the View-Master format providing you are not concerned with the required black edges.

Digital Files - for images or text

We do accept digital files, which will be converted to 35mm slides, for View-Master reel production. Digital files may be sent via CDRom, Zip or Jaz disk, formated either Mac or PC. The file format should be *.tif, *.psd, *.jpg, *.eps, or any other format accepted by Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Illustrator files are also accepted. For Adobe Illustrator files please make sure that you convert all text to "outlines", or provide the specific font files with the archive.

Adobe® Photoshop® Template
You can download our Photoshop template for laying out your digital images. This will insure that your image is positioned properly, and the proper amount of bleed is included.

E-mailing bitmap digital files is usually not acceptable because e-mail requires that you either send a very low resolution image or a highly compressed image. In either case the image quality is usually not acceptable. We can arrange to have these files sent via FTP if requested. E-mailing vector images, or Adobe Illustrator files is usually acceptable.

For more information regarding digital files please read the “Special FX” and "Text/Copy” pages.

Direct From Slides
All of our custom View-Master reels are produced optically, directly from 35mm images on our Forox animation camera. Optical duplication results in superior image quality and resolution as opposed to digital duplication. Should you not require any special effects, text or copy, it is best and more expedient if you can provide us with 35mm slides of your images. Please provide cropping instructions and numerical order for all images provided.


Other Film Formats or Media
Occasionally a customer will require that we work with film formats other than 35mm (i.e. 2-1/4", 4x5". etc.), prints or art work. To accomplish this we must first transfer or duplicate the images to the 35mm transparency format. Although we are fully capable of offering this additional service it is may be best for the customer to have this work done at a local photo lab to eliminate additional time delays and /or possible proofing of the transfer or duplication.





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