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Anaglyph Printing

The printing of 3-D images and/or stereo pairs has become very popular in the last few years. One method is known as “Anaglyph”. This process requires that the viewer wear the appropriate Red/Blue or Red/Green 3-D glasses. New Vision Technology has formulated their own particular printing inks for this process that are properly balanced with specific red/green filters incorporated into our glasses. This critical balance insures a clear and sharp 3-D effect with no ghosting between the two images.


Traditional Anaglyph
As with all 3-D, two images taken from two slightly different vantage points are required. For anaglyph, the Red lens is covering the left eye while you are viewing the left image which has been printed in blue. The blue lens covers the right eye for viewing the right image that has been printed in red. By restricting the proper views to the appropriate eyes... the mind produces the 3-D illusion.

Eye_ana.jpg - 589 x 417 - 43,116

Full Color Anaglyph
In most cases the original images are converted to Black & White, or Grayscale images and then printed with specific red/blue inks that are balanced with the red/blue glasses. Depending upon the color content of the original images it may be possible to produce a “Full Color Anaglyph”. This process will not work with all images, and one must be very selective with image color content, or process the images to the point where the colors become as compatible as possible with the medium.(i.e. Flower.jpg)

Ballerina.jpg - 752 x 588 - 292,801 bytes

Getty.jpg - 694 x 603 - 158,904 bytes

Flower.jpg - 839 x 589 - 478,335 bytes

Graphics, Line Art & Text
In addition, computer generated art, text and copy may also be produced to function with this medium. Combining this graphic ability with our photographic capabilities results in a very dynamic anaglyph presentation.

NV_ana.gif - 570 x 428 - 75,788 bytes

You can easily see by the above examples that New Vision Technology has the ability to provide you with a wide array of creative options for producing your anaglyph materials. Combining these abilities with our custom inks, balanced glasses and expertise... you can be assured of receiving full service and high quality in every phase of your anaglyph production effort.

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