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3-D Photography

Whether it be location, studio, or table-top photography, 35mm, medium or large format... you can be assured that New Vision Technology can assist you in meeting your needs, budget and deadline.

In addition to the demanding requirements of normal photography, 3-D photography requires additional skill and experience. Let me briefly explain a few of the basics:

Stereo Pair
3-D photography requires that a stereo pair of images be shot. This requires a camera, or cameras that are perfectly synchronized and have matching lenses. In some cases, where the subject or scene is not moving, a single camera can be used in conjunction with a slide bar to move the camera from one position to another.

NVT uses a variety of special cameras for various situations and/or several custom slide bars that they have manufactured for there own use.

Stereo Base
The stereo base is the actual distance between the two lenses, two cameras, or shift between the taking of images. This distance is determined by a mathematical formula that is relative to the focal length of the lenses, the distance to the nearest object in the scene, the location of infinity, and the final use and purpose of the image. This knowledge is critical toward producing a pair of stereo images that will be representative of the original scene, and be easily viewable by your audience.

Cropping & Mounting
Once the images are acquired they must be adjusted to allow easy viewing by your audience. Both images must be shifted, then cropped or masked precisely in order to set the “Stereo Window”. NVT uses a number of techniques to accomplish this task including the use of a slide duplicating compound table that is accurate within �.001".

Once the images are adjusted they are mounted in the appropriate format mounts, i.e. Realist, Pin-Registered 2x2 Glass Mounts, or Medium Format Stereo Pairs.

Of course no project is complete unless your intended audience can view the images. NVT offers a number of solutions for this, including our own foldable, pop-up viewer, custom View-Master reels, dynamic multi-image presentations, anaglyph printing capabilities, as well as a variety of standard stereo viewers.

As with many things in life... It's never really quite as simple as it may seem on the surface. 3-D photography is indeed a combination of Art and Science.

An ever-changing selection of my images are available for viewing in the 3-D Gallery.

Lens Pitch & Alignment

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