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Tired of the "Cardboard Cutout" effect?

Tired of seeing a stack of flat layers?

Want to add dynamic depth and realism to you 3D or Lenticular art?

Our Proprietary “Digital Depth Imaging” process offers incredible and realistic full depth and full roundness to you images. True stereoscopic 3D conversions from your flat (2D) images.

Certainly the moon is round, and so are baseballs. Facial features are concave and convex... so why is the competition still sticking flat noses on flat faces, and hitting flat baseballs with flat bats?

Realistic depth and full roundness of your images has little to do with the lenticular lens, or the printing process. It has everything to do with art preparation. Our unique combination of artistic talent, computer science and a working knowledge of every lenticular lens on the market guarentees that your image will contain the maximum depth perception on both thick and thin lens, with photographic, lithographic or inkjet printing.

Digital Depth Imaging” combined with out exclusive “Tweening” process allows us to generate an unlimited amount of views for your lenticular image. On the average 12 to 24 views are used, resulting in a smooth, flowing and distinctive three-dimensional image.

We specialize in effective and innovative design and are ready to asist you in producing state-of-the-art, eye catching promotional displays and communication tools for your product or service.

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